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The exhibition shows only a small part of this unique collection, however the selection made personally by the owner is representative in full measure...

7 March - 7 April 2008 .
The applied photo very peacefully gets on with creativity - it is necessary to feed family and to support the enough extravagant hobby for a photo...

18 January 2008 .
International summer photography workshop Photography in a magazine - is an intensive seminar, uniting education under the guidance of experienced specialists in photography, art journalism and editorial

30 June - 8 July 2007 .
The exhibition "GIFT" - will pass Lyudmila Tabolinojs photos in the Museum of history of a photo from March, 23rd till April, 23rd 2007...

23 March - 23 April 2007 .
In native city Peter has already won love and sympathy of spectators - and on another and cannot be - its works magic, amusing, easy, interesting!

16 April - 4 May 2007 .
Photo exhibition by young photographer Anna Majsjuk The Last Summer of Childhood. The curator of an exhibition - Maksimishin Sergey...

5 March - 23 March 2007 .
In Anna Ahmatova museum in the Gushing House the exhibition of photos of Slava Mikhailov PORTRAIT. 1970-ies takes place, Valery Valran supervises the exhibition...

2 February - 20 February 2007 .
Things From the Dreams of Things are still-lifes. Polushkin still-lifes do not correspond in any way with traditions of still life, or of nature morte...

16 January - 5 February 2007 .
Café Art Deco is presenting an exhibition by Laurent Mazar a famous French conceptual photographer, who spends most of his life in the airplane between St-Petersburg and Paris...

16 November - 16 January 2007 .
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Internet Cafe in Petersburg

SHORT - Short Film Festival

SHORTS moviefest
SHORT independent short film festival in St.-Petersburg every month!

Petersburg cats in Malaya Sadovaya street

Petersburg cats in Malaya Sadovaya street
cat Elisey and Vasilisa grant desire if the thrown coin will land near to them...

Today 22 May

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