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It is a unique group in the world, working in style scarybilly, invented by them. In the new album the cult Petersburg group continues movement in the selected style...

14 February 2008 .
Olli Mustonen and The Helsinki Festival Orchestra and club-concerts in St.-Petersburg!

6 October - 20 October 2007 .
Grand Opening of the Festival, Concert "Rautavaara meets Sibelius", Concert with Kari Kriikku and more interesting!

14 May - 22 May 2007 .
Exhibition "Day in Virolahti, night at Monmartre" dedicated to Uuno Klami and concert of Helsinki Academic male Choir (KYL)

13 May - 13 June 2007 .
This is a kind of parade of the musical groups, musicians and ensembles, performing The Beatles in their own unique manner.

25 February 2007 .
Art-restaurant Street Life present concerts from 2 February to 28 February 2007...

2 February - 28 February 2007 .
We are going to answer these and the other questions in the frame of discussion Classic music in modern world...

25 January 2007 .
On the 29th of December in the small Glazunovs concert Hall of Saint-Petersburg conservatory the traditional Christmas concert of cello quartet Rastrelli Cello Quartett (Russia-Germany) will take place.

29 December 2007 .
Theodor Bastard has gained popularity in the West thanks to the release of the album Pustota in four countries and active touring in the world. Almost all leading European Mass Media said about the band. As a result theyve got the successful tours in Germany, Belgian, France and in the countries of ex-Soviet region...

15 December 2006 .
There is also program of jazz arrangements of old Soviet songs and program of their own compositions in the repertoire...

7 December 2006 .
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Internet Cafe in Petersburg

SHORT - Short Film Festival

SHORTS moviefest
SHORT independent short film festival in St.-Petersburg every month!

Petersburg cats in Malaya Sadovaya street

Petersburg cats in Malaya Sadovaya street
cat Elisey and Vasilisa grant desire if the thrown coin will land near to them...

Today 22 May

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