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One uses colours, but one paints with feelings   J.B.S. Chardin

The Festival is organized with the support of the St Petersburg Committee for Culture

Russia, St.-Petersburg, The Book and Graphics Centre, new hall
Liteynyy pr.,...

21 April - 11 May
Nikolay Bogomolov is very lyrical, gentle and intelligent artist. The name of an exposition coincides with the name of one of the masters works. "The Vacuum windows" is something, that became the nominal expression in our everyday life...

7 February - 29 February
In the same way that a family album with black-and-white pictures does, New Year celebration joins relatives and friends, and like a hundred years ago one of us will certainly take a camera and ask everyone to pose in front of the New Year tree and a cotton-wool figure of Father Frost...

20 December - 27 January
What gifts this year, you will make friends, relatives and beloved?

10 December
Your impressions are interesting to us!

12 April - 29 August
If you love me - follow me, To Forget Sheien, You and I and meeting with Zhjuli Deparde

7 February - 13 February
Internet Cafe in Petersburg
Music Events
It is a unique group in the world, working in style scarybilly, invented by them. In the new album the cult Petersburg group continues movement in the selected style...

14 February

Beauty in Exile - russian Beauties in Paris and Hollywood in 1910-1960ies (project by Alexander Vassiliev)
The exhibition shows only a small part of this unique collection, however the selection made personally by the owner is representative in full measure...

Internet center - internet, cafe, game zone, copy center. 24 HOURS

Today 14 July
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