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The program tells about a spiritual life of inhabitants of the Western Europe of 13-18 centuries - peasants and noblemen, handicraftsmen and persons of royal blood...

27 January 2008 г.
At the International Multimedia Festival Autumn #1 modern trends in the art will be presented. At the Festival there will be electric music and media-art projects...

24 November - 25 November 2006 г.
This year the program of this cultural festival includes: Photo, drawing and theatre puppets exhibition, seminars, master-classes and many other things...

16 December - 17 December 2006 г.
Saint-Petersburg Photocross is join orientation cross-country, flashmob and photo competition...

7 October - 8 October 2006 г.
International theatrical festival "Baltic house" every autumn transforms Petersburg into theatrical capital of Baltic...

30 September - 11 October 2006 г.
The concepts, art objects, researchers and artists all come together here — just as they would at festivals and conferences — on the pages of an illustrated publication. Working with paper conforms to the task and spirit of the project...

1 September - 1 December 2006 г.

Internet Cafe in Petersburg

SHORTЫ - Short Film Festival

SHORTS moviefest
SHORTЫ – independent short film festival in St.-Petersburg every month!

Petersburg cats in Malaya Sadovaya street

Petersburg cats in Malaya Sadovaya street
А cat Elisey and Vasilisa grant desire if the thrown coin will land near to them...

Today 19 May

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