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Nikolay Bogomolov is very lyrical, gentle and intelligent artist. The name of an exposition coincides with the name of one of the masters works. "The Vacuum windows" is something, that became the nominal expression in our everyday life...

7 February - 29 February 2008 .
In the same way that a family album with black-and-white pictures does, New Year celebration joins relatives and friends, and like a hundred years ago one of us will certainly take a camera and ask everyone to pose in front of the New Year tree and a cotton-wool figure of Father Frost...

20 December - 27 January 2008 .
Mountains always attract people with their beauty. Those who had the chance to get there cant forget the lands of ice, rocks and snow...

28 September - 18 October 2007 .
The autumn Nordic fashion comes to Saint Petersburg again!

12 October - 14 October 2007 .
This collection Museum of history of religion is not known almost not only general public...

21 June - 20 September 2007 .
The photos were made by Seppo Muukkonen in his own garden...

10 May - 30 May 2007 .
Young French creative photography and the Final exhibition of the International summer photo workshop

1 July - 30 July 2007 .
The main idea of the exhibition Rome. The first stop , is very original: seventy one author finds the creative inspiration in the Eternal city far from stamps and stereotypes...

28 February - 25 March 2007 .
Works of the artist are executed in various graphic - figures color pencils and felt-tip pens, collages and water colors...

18 February - 22 March 2007 .
Annual project " Mailartissimo" has started in the museum in 2004 to acquaint Russians with mail-art , many known artists have been involved, among them - Olga and Alexander Florenskie. Cooperation with them has developed into the separate exhibition...

22 December - 1 March 2007 .
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SHORT - Short Film Festival

SHORTS moviefest
SHORT independent short film festival in St.-Petersburg every month!

Petersburg cats in Malaya Sadovaya street

Petersburg cats in Malaya Sadovaya street
cat Elisey and Vasilisa grant desire if the thrown coin will land near to them...

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