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PAVLOVSK, Pavlovsky Park and Palace

Leningradskaya obl., Pavlovsk
tel. 470-65-36, Excursions Dept. 470-21-55

You can visit a palace, walk in the park with lots of monuments, go boating and have a picnic, in winter you can rent skis or Finish sledge and then ski and slay around the park...

The town of Pavlovsk is famous for its palace and park ensemble, it is located 26 kilometers to the south of Saint Petersburg it is one of the most beautiful and famous suburbs of St-Petersburg.

Pavlovsk is the place where you can spend time in different ways. You can visit a palace, walk in the park with lots of monuments, go boating and have a picnic, in winter you can rent skis or Finish sledge and then ski and slay around the park.

We have a great opportunity to spend a weekend outdoors and see a lot of interesting things thanks to Catherine II (Catherine the Grate). It was she who presented these lands to her son Pavel (Paul). The tsarina either wanted to make an expensive present for the son, or send him away the Tsarskoe Selo where she enjoyed spending time being a monarch of Russian Empire though he had the some rights to reign.

The construction of the palace and park ensemble was entrusted to Charles Cameron in 1777 and completed in the late 1820ths. With the latest touch made by the architect Shtakhenshnaider in 1843-44 the Pavlovsky Palace achieved the appearance it has now.

The interiors of the Palace are fabulous. The private rooms have now their original interior and all the furniture and the Emperors and his wifes belongings remain untouched. The Pavlovsky Palace rooms are full of pieces of art which make up a fine collection of paintings, furniture, sculptures and china sets. The artworks were bought by the Emperor and his wife themselves when traveling to Europe.

There are many beautiful pavilion buildings in the park. Bridges of different shapes can be seen in the park of Pavlovsk : embellished with exquisite wrought-iron railings and decorative vases and sculptures.

How to pass in Pavlovsk (from Saint-Petersburg):

Simple electric trains

From Vitebsk station (or from «Kupchino» platform) to Pavlovsk station.
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